sex with my sweet bhabhi

Hi everyone. I am Raj. This is my first story. But this is not a story, a true sexual incident that happened to me. Believe me. Ok without wasting your time I jumped to the story

One day my parents had to leave Mumbai to Vapi in connection with the sad demise of a relative. My brother had gone to Delhi and said he will return within few days. Bhabhi and I were staying in Mumbai in one of the North Mumbai luxury flats in the 9th floor. I was in the commerce college and had to my class’s everyday in the morning, but was free by evening.

I had lot of assignments to do with the help of computers. Since I had no computer of mine own I was using the one of my brother which was kept in their bedroom. But sitting in the bedroom of Bhabi I did not take any untoward liberties, just so my work and get out as soon as possible. My Bhabhi, Rani, very beautiful, a good figure, was very shy and was keeping distance from.

I too did not thrust myself on her. I was busy studying and when I was free I will go downstairs and gossip with my friends. Latest cricket match or the movie will be the subject. I was very much bored. When I come back to the flat, I will sit in the drawing room and watch TV. Bhabi had their own 14" TV in her bedroom and she did not come out to join the family for watching the TV.

It was three bedrooms flat with a spacious drawing room and all the rooms had balcony and it was fun to watch the city from the balcony. My Bhayya and Bhabi were newly married and they had their own plans to enjoy life. That day was unusually hot and clouds were gathering in the western sky and the wind was also very strong and severe.

I closed the balcony door for fear of the rain water entering the room and drenching the carpet. Bhabi with her head covered with her pallav came and asked me to have the supper. I said ok and came to the dining table. I asked Bhabiji why don’t you also come and have supper so that that work will be completed.

She said in a low tone that she has to serve me food and after my completing my food she will take. What Bhabi, No. Doesn’t give me so much importance. Please come and sit with me and we both will take food. She looked at me and smiled and came to take food. She was keeping her head always bowed and when I put questions she answered in mono syllables.

I did not want to embarrass her on the first instance. If you need any help from me please don’t hesitate to tell me I said. She said no, no, Devarji, please go and study, I will take care of the other work. It was raining heavily outside. Poor Bhabiji forgot to bolt her door and windows and water entered her floor and lot of water was accumulated.

She called me and asked me to help her to close the doors and windows since the wind power to great that she could not do it herself. I went in my shorts and vest and both of us became totally drenched. Somehow I managed to close three windows opening westwards and the balcony door. But there was lot of water on the floor which had to be mopped and drained.

We could not keep quite till next day morning when the servants will come. Bhabi brought a bucket and a mop and started to mop the water. I told her to stop and with the floor cleaner I made the water drain into the balcony and very little water was left to mop. Bhabi was totally wet and so was I.

My shorts was sticking to my thighs and my cock was imprinted in my brief that its shape was clearly visible. Bhabi was looking in the sly at my cock. Same was her condition, her saree was sticking to her thighs and her boobs were clearly seen on her blouse. There was some movement inside my brief and I was afraid my cock will wake and cause me embarrassment.

Bhabi was keeping staring at my cock and I looked busy mopping the water. She also came squatting on the floor mopping and squeezing the water into the bucket. She tucked her saree up and I could see her naked knee and some portions of her creamy thighs also. When I sat on the floor squatting my cock was standing like a gun. She looked at and was laughing.

I looked at her and asked her what the matter is. We move all along the floor and came near each other. Bhabi was looking at my gun and her hand was coming closer to me with the mop. As if by accident, she lifted the mop and touched my cock with the back of her hand. I turned and stretched my hand and touched be boob. We both laughed and took as a joke.

But we both knew that this is not a joke. Suddenly Bhabi left hand stretched and caught hold my cock when her right hand was mopping. I took my free left hand and squeezed her boobs. We both looked each other in the eyes. We left the mop and the bucket on the floor and she pushed me into my room.

I slowly undressed her, starting with the saree and then the blouse, while she was pulling the strings of my shorts and brought down. She pulled down my brief and there stood my cock fully erect in its full form. I removed her blouse, petticoat and there she was standing in her panty and bra with her left hand across the chest as if to protect it, while her right hand was on my cock.

I took a towel which was in the easy reach and wiped her of all the water and then pushed her into my bed. Bhabi was a real hot stuff. She was pulling at my cock and places it in her pussy. I said wait. We have to do lot of other things before I put my cock inside You. I asked her why you are so much in a hurry, don’t you get adequate sex from my brother.

She said your brother is always thinking of business and business and even while having sex with his wife his mind is not in making his wife happy. I don’t enjoy sex when your brother is busy thinking of next day's tour etc. I said don’t worry, we will enjoy today. Tell me what you want. She said just lick me and eat me. Ok.

I took her nipples in my mouth sucked it softly and licked it and again sucked it hard. My Rani Bhabi was hooting and cooing and was crying. I got afraid. I asked her what the matter is. Oh, please don’t stop, continue, she said. I kissed her on her abdomen and then in the lower abdomen and to her cunt.

There were small stubs of golden hair, but her cunt was flowing with cunt water. I just licked her cunt lips and probed my tongue in the crevice. She kept her knees wide open lifted her hips to help me reach her cunt. I took control of her clitoris and licked it with my tongue. Bhabi was delirious. She placed her hands on my head and pressed my face down into her cunt.

I was afraid that I may choke. But I gave her a nice sucking of her clit. Rani clenched her feet around me and kept her cunt lips open with her fingers and asked me to fuck with my tongue. Though I was not an expert on these things and my experience was almost nil, but she gave me guidance as to what to do from the way her muscles tensed, I knew she is undergoing an orgasm.

But her orgasm did not come down. It kept her the top of the cliff for some time and Bhabi was at the best of her enjoyment. The time was just 10.30 pm. We got up and bolted all the doors and windows and switched off all the lights and moved around the house in total nakedness. It was a pleasure to watch her moving totally naked.

With the frontal protrusion of her boobs and real protrusion of her ass was symmetrical and she was with a leaking cunt came running to me to take my cock in her mouth. She pushed me into my bed and sat near me to give me a nice blow job. She did it expertly with her tongue rolling around in her mouth. I shot my cum into her mouth and had my first orgasm.

She knew it was coming and kept on waiting for it. The shot was full of her mouth and she gulped the whole thing with pleasure. We got up cleaned ourselves and sat for a talk. It was 11 pm. She told me that it was the first time she had so much of sex in one go. My brother had a similar tool and he sometimes fucked her to her full satisfaction.

But he is not in the habit of wasting time in the fore play. He wanted to poke his tool and finish it off soon. Most of the times she would have just getting ready but by that time he would have finished and filled her cunt with semen. She kissed me in gratitude and asked me to give her similar pleasure more often. I said ok. I told her that to please my Bhabi I am ready to do anything.

Her body which was fully nude was a feast to the eyes. Her boobs were perfect and her naval was flat and her cunt was neatly done and there was no hair at all. Her thighs were ivory colored and just looking at her my cock was rising. She saw it and asked why not we have a leisurely fuck. She thrust her nipple in my mouth and asked me suck and lick it.

I opened my mouth to take the nipples, but said wait, went to the kitchen and brought a small plate full of honey. She smeared it all over her boobs and asked me to suck. While her hands were busy soaking my cock in the honey. I took more time to suck her nipples and it was really sweet. She then bent low and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking.

Her lips and tongue made my tool very stiff. Making me to lie flat on my back and she climbed on me and inserted my cock in her cunt. Keeping her hands on my shoulders she began to move forward and backwards making my cock to travel all over her cunt and clit and go deep inside. I kept my hands on her magnificent boobs and began squeezing them.

She opened her mouth and was breathing heavily. Her face was taking different shapes to indicate the depth of her pleasure. She was really crazy of sex and how she could control her selves for all these days was a wonder. She may be hardly 22 or 23 and her face was very charming.

She rotated her hip to make my cock travel through all the hidden folds in her cunt and make her pleasure increase many fold. We both were experimenting with sex. Suddenly her face became tense and muscles stiffened and she was getting a big orgasm. Poor thing it was the first time for her and for me too. Finally she collapsed on my chest.

I too had my orgasm and shot my cum into her cunt. We both got up, washed out selves up and came back to the bed. To walk around the flat naked was a great pleasure. There was no neighbor to watch, none to listen to our talk. We shouted all our sex words loudly.
She became hot and asked me to lick her clit. We started all over. I licked her clit which was already swollen. Bhabi was pressing my head down we both were like two crazy people sex starved for a long time and suddenly let loose in a flat.

We fucked and fucked the whole night. But Bhabi was clever to remove all dirty clothes and put them for washing. We slept nude hugging each other and promising to take the next opportunity for further sex. I had great sex with her for quite a long time until she got pregnant. Even during pregnancy I was fucking her in the sly till she went for delivery to her own house and came with a beautiful male child.
Post Title : sex with my sweet bhabhi

sex with my sweet bhabhi,

sex with my sweet bhabhi

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